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The Guy Behind The Lens

If you can't tell from my photo, I love being in nature and working with wildlife.  There's a great joy and connection you gain by just taking a look at the world around you. From landscapes, to birds, to buildings; there are so many beautiful things to capture just within your reach.. 


As a father and a husband, the ideas I gain from day to day through my eyes, my wife's eyes, and the eyes of my children, inspire me to pick up my camera and catch moments as much as I can.


With everyday changing my passion stays the same.  I want to capture as much as I can and challenge my environment, gear and my abilities to bring you the best results past my lens. 


My past job experiences have taught me always to look past the subject and keep framing and lighting at the highest level for success in post.  

I hope you enjoy seeing the world from my eyes.



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