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What I am currently Rocking for Photos

My camera is only a tool to get the photos. I enjoy buying items that make my experience enjoyable. I good camera strap is where we start

I currently strap I am sporting on my Nikon D850 full-frame is by PeakDesign.

This strap is flexible, durable and versatile. I have four connection points, making it easy to move the strap from my camera to lens to camera and lens. This is a great way to release the stress of weight.

Next in line is a PeakDesign Clip, attached to the bottom of my Fujifilm x70. This little click attachment makes your camera a smaller hip or strap click item. I am a big fan of this, as I often have a big lens but nothing to capture the scenery if it applies. Keeping this little clip ensures I have my little trusty x70 on me and am able to grab a landscape if its to be grabbed.

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